Dear Colleagues,


The recognised multidisciplinary setting of the 1st Beaujon Conference: Cutting Edge in Liver and Pancreatic Tumors featured a strong accessibility of so much up-to-date information through different multidisciplinary presentations aiming to hear about the work going on and to network with colleagues from across the world.

You will find our full statistics report about the 1st Beaujon Conference held in Paris, to give you a quick and detailed overview regarding delegates demography, abstracts along with web traffic, and social media engagement.

We thank you for attending this meeting and we encourage you to share this message with your network to make them think or wonder, and to join our efforts at the Cutting Edge in Liver and Pancreatic Tumors 2015 in Switzerland!

Organizing Committee
Pr. Pierre BEDOSSA – Pr. Jacques BELGHITI – Pr. Esteban CVITKOVIC – Pr. Sandrine FAIVRE​ – Pr. Pascal HAMMEL - Pr. Jean-Louis MISSET – Pr. Valérie PARADIS - Pr. Eric RAYMOND​ – Pr. Philippe RUSZNIEWSKI – Pr. Valérie VILGRAIN