The Beaujon Conference series are disease- and treatment-oriented meetings designed to provide cutting edge medical and scientific information on a range of cancers. Beaujon conferences will be held in different countries and will invite leading international experts to deliver high-level talks on translational science and personalized medicine in a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and highly interactive format. This 1st Beaujon Conference in Paris will focus on the hepatobiliary tract and pancreatic cancers.


Session 1: Pancreatic Tumors
Two decades of intensive efforts and extensive clinical research have provided some improvements in the care of pancreatic cancer, although progress in overall survival remains disappointing. Evidence suggests that aggressive oncogenic patterns may be present in pre-neoplastic lesions prior to the development of established malignancies. Novel concepts in pancreatic cancer may impact current diagnostics and treatment paradigms, influencing the way we conceive imaging of pancreatic tumors, placement of surgery, and the development of new anticancer agents.

Session 2: Primary Liver Tumors
In primary liver tumors, early oncogenic events and stromal modifications that facilitate carcinogenesis are subjects of great interest. Imaging and molecular oncology now have a central role in diagnosis and therapeutic interventions in primary liver tumors. New therapeutic options derived from tumor biologic profiles are emerging and, along with surgical management, are expected to provide substantial benefits to hepatocellular carcinomas and biliary tract tumors.

Session 3: Secondary Liver and Pancreatic Cancers
The liver is a rich contributor to the development of pancreatic adenocarcinoma and neuroendocrine tumors. A better understanding of stroma-mediated conditions in the liver which facilitate the development of metastasis may offer novel opportunities for developing new agents to prevent or treat liver metastases. Development of better local drug delivery methods in the liver is also reaching maturity. This session will bring together specialists of hepatic and pancreatic diseases to share ideas and identify novel treatment options for improving the care of liver metastases.